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WE BUY NICE HOMES ! 330-961-1901

It's time! You've seen the home, and you're ready to buy. Let's get this show on the road! Click the image above to apply and pay the application fee online ($50 per applicant) NOW.


  • Once you complete this application form online, the credit team will be calling you to complete the application process. This includes income verification, and other information required to put together your custom Home Purchase Program. They're very busy! Sometimes it saves time... if you just call them first at 412-242-2733.
  • Once all your information is collected, the credit team will get to work on your Application Report, and email it to Liberty Dream Homes. So! There's a spot on the online application to enter the email address given to you by your Liberty representative.
  • The credit team will also discuss their credit repair service. This is a PRICELESS service, and if they recommend it, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!