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WE BUY NICE HOMES ! 330-961-1901

Are You Ready to Buy a Home???

"Oh, we can DEFINITELY afford it. It's just that we don't have ANY MONEY!!!"

  • First and Foremost: Financial Stability.
  • Credit Challenges vs. Cashflow.
  • Credit Evaluation... for a Lease-Purchase?!?
  • Dodo-Frankenstein is Your Friend.

Qualifying for a Home Loan 101.

"Prequalified"... vs. "Approved". Throwin' it at the Wall...

Major Variables of your Loan-Readiness.

  • How Much Can You Afford??? Your Affordability-Study, and Your PLAN.
  • To Whom are You Listening?
  • Credit Scores; the FICO.
  • Debt-to-Income ratios... front & back -end.
  • Trade Lines, & Credit Utilization Ratios.
  • Inquiries... Hard, Soft, etc.

Qualifying for a Home Loan 201.

  • The Home: Work-for-Equity, FHA/VA/USDA.
  • Rule # 1: Be a Super-Star!!! Have a Plan, Have Options.
  • VOR... Documentation, Documentation, Documentation vs. "DUUUHHHHHHH".
  • Self-Employed? Let's Face It... Banks Don't Like You. Deal with It!
  • Affordability, Credit Repair, Credit Building.

DIY Credit Repair.

Why Should I Spend $99 DOLLARS a MONTH?!?

  • "My LoanOfficer Said..." 3 Years vs. 3 Months.
  • To Whom are You Listening?
  • Credit Repair, Credit Counselling, Credit Building.
  • Cleaning up your credit. DO's and DON'Ts!!!
  • "Pay Down Those Old Debts!"
  • Pre-Paid "Credit" Cards.

Down Payment?!?!?

  • Let's Get Real Here.
  • Your Most Powerful Tool.
  • Financial Stability.
  • Commitment.

Buying a Home from Liberty.

Step by Step!

  • 1 -- MatchMaker, MatchMaker...
  • 2 -- First Things First. Your Application.
  • 3 -- Purchase Meeting. The FACTS! "negotiation" vs. a proven system.
  • 4 -- The Signing, The KEYS!!!
  • 5 -- We're Here for You... or Not.

Too Good to be True?

"Guarantee"... Can I Lose my Money?

  • Do You Trust Yourself? L/O vs. Mortgage.
  • Application & Affordability Study... Credit Evaluation.
  • How Long Do We Have???

Land-Contract vs. Lease-Purchase.

  • Mis-Information... Blah, Blah, Blahhhh.
  • Land Installment Contract, Contract for Deed.
  • Land-Contract vs. Lease/Option vs. Lease-Purchase. If... Then.

Calculating your REAL monthly payment.

  • Zillow,, etc. REALLY?!?
  • P I T I.
  • PMI.
  • Tying It All Together... Your Home Purchase Program, and the Whole Point of This! Stepping Stones to Your Home Loan.
  • $500 down, $400 per month. Yeeee HAAAWWWWWW!!!!! Home vs. a used Toyota.
  • "Payment Shock"
  • "Enticement to Buy"