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Has Anyone Taken the Time, to Explain to You the REAL COST of Selling Your House?

Get the Facts Now, BEFORE Committing.

The Elephant in the Room. A Dirty Little Secret...

of the "Traditional" Real Estate Brokerage and Banking Industries:

You own a house worth $200,000. You owe $180,000 on your home loan.

Let's DO THE MATH, and see what happens!


A Listing Agreement...?

LIST your house for sale with a real estate agent.

1. After some shopping around, you find Mary. Mary has been a licensed real estate agent for years. She's sweet, and loves your Golden Retriever. You sign a Listing Agreement with Mary, and she lists your home for sale on the MLS along with her 200 other houses.

2. After the first 6 month listing, you renew for another 6 months (Mary's "really confident" now; it's summertime again). This time after just 3 more months, the right buyers come along! Your house was listed correctly for $203,900 (Mary knows her stuff), and it sells for $197,900. Because your house is so nice, and Mary is an extraordinary agent, this took only 9 months of listing in today's market. You sign a Purchase Agreement, and celebrate with your friends.

3. After another 53 days, your buyers are able to close their new home loan with their bank (whew!). After closing costs and agent commissions, there's $178,204.53 from your sale. Almost enough to pay off your loan amount of $180,000.

Actually... because you have been making loan payments over the past 11 months while waiting to sell (reducing the loan balance down to $175,469.53), you walk away with about $2,736.00 CASH IN HAND!

Whoo HOOOOOO! Yeah Baby! Dinner's on You!!!!

Sale price: $197,900.

After selling costs: $178,204.53 .

Net: $2,735.62.

Congratulations. You sold your home "FOR FULL MARKET VALUE." That's some kind of victory, right?

MORE MATH: what if... You've relocated?

Over the past 11 months, you have been paying $1,570/month PITI (Principle, Interest, Tax and Insurance) on your home loan, and around $4,000 alltogether for the 11 months of lawn care, minor maintenance, utilities, etc. These “holding costs” total about $21,270. Fortunately, over the past 11 months there was no vandalism, theft or major maintenance at your vacant house. It’s in a great neighborhood.

Congratulations! After 11 months, it only cost you $18,535.00 and some nail-biting to sell your house. But on the bright side… at least you sold it "FOR FULL MARKET VALUE", right?

Sale price: $197,900 ("full market value"). After expenses: $156,934.53.

At this point you owe just $175,469.53 on your home loan.

So... (drumroll)... that's a NEGATIVE -$18,535.00.

Guess who's writing this check on Friday at closing???

Someone you know and love. No, it's not Mary. And dinner's still on you.

At this point, you realize that there just may have been a little something missing from your initial conversation, when you agreed to sign that Listing Agreement with Mary.

Surprised? Want to back out?

Sorry, Charlie. You signed in blood with Mary.

Remember... Mary knows her stuff.

While the details will obviously vary with each house and situation, the above illustration is typical of a “traditional” home selling experience.

Long story short... a "conventional", "full market value" sale will cost you around 10% of the sale price OR MORE if there are real estate agents and banks involved. So now you know. Congratulations on taking the time to educate yourself. Most people DON'T... until they learn the hard way and it's TOO LATE!


Or a Purchase Agreement?

SELL your house to us right away.

NO Commissions / Fees.

NO Closing Costs.

NO Hassles.

1. Start by learning more HERE.

2. Contact us for an evaluation.

3. If yours looks like a home we can buy, we'll agree on a general plan and come see the house. If we like what we see, we'll agree on more details and do some paperwork. A bona-fide Purchase Agreement!

3. SOLD! And on YOUR schedule.

Admit it. You look good, riding off into the sunset.

There are many ways that we buy homes, depending upon each exact home, situation, and the objectives of our sellers. Here's just one common example, using the same facts as the last scenario:

Sale price: $180,000 (what you owe). After expenses: $180,000. Net: $0

Zero never looked so good.

In the illustration at left, it COST you $18,535 (and a year of drama) to sell your house, "at full market value". Or maybe after a year, you were lucky to break even after commissions and closing costs. In this common scenario above, it cost you nothing. Not even the time and stress! In many cases, sellers end up with considerably MORE money than with a "traditional" sale. And in EVERY case... a lot less nail-biting.

This is just one common example. Obviously every situation is different, so Contact Us today to see what we can do NOW FOR YOU. It won't hurt, we promise!

Quick. Easy. Amazing. Liberty Dream Homes. NICE!

We ARE NOT real estate agents. We are expert real estate investors who BUY houses and SELL houses.

While you may not hear much about our industry on TV… the fact is that currently only about 15-20% of would-be home buyers can buy a home “traditionally” using a bank loan, without some help. Given this fact, it’s easy to see why we have such an incredible advantage in the marketplace. We focus on only… 80-85% of home buyers! Our specialty is in structuring deals that make it QUICK and EASY for the majority of home buyers to get into a desirable home, then perfect their credit standing in order to finalize the purchase using a bank loan.

There are many ways that we buy houses. Sometimes it’s all cash, up-front. This generally applies only to bank-owned properties that we acquire for pennies on the dollar, using funds from our network of private investors. These houses usually need some work, because they have been vacant for some time.

Far more often, we buy houses by temporarily using the existing financing, using several different methods. In the example above, we could simply take over all responsibility for the house and its payments, and the sellers are soon DONE and on with their lives. In this case yes, you may be selling for "less than market value”, but this often works out to MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET than you might receive “traditionally” with agent commissions, closing costs and other costs. See the illustration above, and crunch some numbers for yourself!

Sometimes, it best serves a seller for us to buy with a lease-purchase, or land-contract or other short-term temporary seller financing. In any case, the seller is quickly and easily relieved of any responsibility for the home in a manner tailored to best serve their needs. And yes, you're freed up financially to do whatever's next in your life, including the purchase of your next beautiful home.

And no... this does not have to impact your credit, or ability to purchase your next home. In fact, most often our solutions HELP your credit. Really, there's no boogey-man under the bed.

Once we have the basic facts regarding your house, we can quickly do a little research and recommend a method that makes the most sense for your specific situation.

How is this possible?!? Magic. Seriously... it's simple really. We are experienced experts, and work WITH people, not against them. Radical, we know! But when you're good, you're good.

If you are convinced that selling your house needs to be a long, painful, confrontational and deceitful process, this is not for you. If you are convinced that life is hard, and everyone's out to get you, this is not for you. Stop reading right now, and rejoin the herd. Making funny animal noises is optional, but it could at least be fun!

If on the other hand you know that life is good and things don't have to be hard, request more information HERE about selling your house quickly and easily, on YOUR schedule.

Sound too good to be true? You Decide. Just remember... we tend to get what we expect in life!