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WE BUY NICE HOMES ! 330-961-1901


Ready to SELL yours, THIS WEEK?


Do you have a NICE home, in a NICE location, in NICE condition, that is (for whatever reason) just no longer a PERFECT FIT for your life?

Would you like to sell it, THIS WEEK? WITHOUT the usual time, hassles, unforeseen expenses and DRAMA? And for the SAME MONEY?


Yes... the SAME MONEY.

Does this mean we'll be writing you a $201,000 check this Tuesday, for your $200,000 house?



Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to sell a home that do not involve the usual run-arounds, hassles and expenses of dealing with sales people... AKA "agents".

Despite what some huge lobbying and marketing campaigns would have you believe, the reality is there are many types of real estate professionals. Some (Realtors® & other agents/brokers) take a hands-off approach, dabbling in other people's real estate while making no promises of real-world results... hoping for a commission if things go well. Others WORK IN REAL ESTATE. Some companies build houses, some "fix and flip" or buy and rent. Others actually BUY houses and resell them. Some help people to buy homes by working in the financial sector. Some... BUY NICE HOMES.

We're one of them.

What we do is DIFFERENT. If you want DIFFERENT results, it often helps to...

Try Something DIFFERENT!

If on the other hand you would like the same results that "everybody else" has... by all means, do what they do. The choice is yours, and it's simple, really!

Our real estate expertise, connections, and time-tested, proven systems have been developed over the past 30+ years, and continue to evolve along with our ever-changing world and real estate market. Each purchase is different, and tailor-made to each specific circumstance. We buy a lot of different houses, in a lot of different ways. In order to have an intelligent conversation about YOUR house, we'll need to get YOUR basic facts. So Tell Us About Your House now to see what we can do!

What's This Mean to YOU ? ? ?

Unlike real estate agents, TV "investors", and many other "We-Buy-Houses" companies, here at Liberty Dream Homes we achieve DIFFERENT results, by doing things DIFFERENTLY. Here's what this means:

  • We Buy NICE Homes. We DO NOT focus on $25,000 “UGLY”, “landlord”, fixer-upper JUNK. UGG-LEEE... UUGGGGGGHH!!! If you are looking for some "last resort" way to unload a WEIRD, RUN-DOWN, PROBLEM house in an undesirable location... that you just can't sell any other way... Please call someone else who specializes in this. Call us too; we know people. But hey; we're probably not interested. Long story short... our specialty is buying NICE, normal and desirable houses in NICE locations, from NICE people. So before you list your NICE home with a real estate agent to roll the dice and "see what they can do"... call us first and see if we'll BUY IT THIS WEEK. Or GET STARTED RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.
  • So... What Exactly IS a "NICE HOME"? We get asked this question A LOT, so here it is! Be honest, you know what a nice home is. And if your house is weird, you probably know it, too. A nice home looks nice and feels nice. It's in a nice location, where nice people want to live! It's in nice (or at least decent) condition. A nice home has been loved, and will be loved again by its next owners. Why? Because it's NICE, or can be nice with a little TLC.

  • A nice home is located in a nice area, in a nice school district, where you would feel nice and safe at night with your nice family.
  • A nice home has a nice lot/yard.
  • A nice home has at least one garage space, where a nice car can be parked!
  • A nice home has at least 3 nice-sized bedrooms, each with its own nice door.
  • A nice home has at least 2 toilets.
  • A nice home has a nice-sized kitchen.
  • A nice home has a dining room.
  • In northeastern Ohio, a nice home probably has a basement. It may even be nice and finished!
  • A nice home is not "functionally obsolete". Functional obsolescence refers to unusual features that make a home difficult to sell (NOT nice), and are not easily fixable. Some examples of this include:

  • a driveway shared with a neighbor's house.

  • bedrooms tiny or accessible only through other rooms.
  • low ceilings in rooms, staircases or basements.
  • a tiny, 2000 square-foot lot.
  • a tiny, 800 square-foot house.
  • outdated heating, plumbing and/or electrical systems.

So! Do you have a nice home for sale? SELL IT FAST.

  • You can NET THE SAME MONEY, without the usual headaches: Sound too good to be true? Well, it is different. As experienced real estate professionals, we DO NOT need to “STEAL” your house, to make our business work. The fact is, you'll make out just as well financially (often better in the long run) selling us your house QUICKLY and EASILY, than you would realistically with more so-called "traditional" methods. If your house is in TOP condition ("ready to sell"), you can get the same TOP DOLLAR that you would any other way. If not, you can still make out better than you would otherwise. Here's what you may not yet know, about a "usual" home sale with sales agents:

  • Quite often, a real estate agent will agree to list a house for sale at ANY price, just in order to get the listing. They know that once you are locked into a listing contract, over time the price will be reduced until it finally sells. Frankly, this is generally the ONLY tool in their toolbox! It's just how the game is played, and how they are trained. In fact, the agent is often surprisingly clueless about TODAY'S REAL MARKET VALUE of a home. Why? Because IT'S NOT THEIR JOB. They'll find out when it sells. And until it's listed... it will never sell. It's a process!

  • Often, a real estate agent does not accurately convey the ACTUAL, REAL-WORLD costs involved. Why? Because IT'S NOT THEIR JOB. Many of them really don't know much about this, as it is all handled by other people (with other types of licenses). There's a lot they don't know, and there's a good reason why they are required to be licensed and to work under the umbrella of a more experienced "broker". The agent's job is merely TO GET YOUR LISTING, and get you started down a long rabbit-hole of "baby steps". CLICK HERE for more information about the typical costs of selling a home. Long story short, it's about 10% of the sale price. When we buy your house, what you get is what you get, minus only the confusion!
  • Generally speaking, a real estate agent DOES NOT KNOW how to maximize the market value of your house. Why not? Again, IT'S NOT THEIR JOB. The final sale price of your home has very little impact upon their bottom line. Their job is to GET THE LISTING, so that the house may eventually, hopefully, sell. And if it doesn't... well then at least they can use it to build their buyers list. This is the real purpose of "open houses". If a buyer does not want to buy YOUR house... the agent can sell them another one. If your house NEVER sells, it's no problem whatsoever for the agent. They tried... right?!? IT'S NOT THEIR JOB to sell YOUR house, for TOP DOLLAR. It IS their job, to sell A house. Understand this! For this reason it is a very rare agent indeed, who will spend much time/effort at all, educating you about the true market value of your house, or how to maximize it. The unfortunate truth is... if they do, they will probably not get your listing.
  • Congratulations! You now know far more than most people, about the game of listing your home for sale with real estate agents, in the "MLS" niche of the real estate market. Aren't you glad you have alternatives? TAKE THE FIRST STEP HERE.

  • It's QUICK, EASY, and on YOUR schedule. ESPECIALLY if you need/want to sell it fast. WARNING: you may be missing out on some exciting DRAMA, holding costs, and last-minute "misunderstandings"! SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST.

  • We DO NOT need (or want) YOU to be in some DESPERATE situation! Really, who wants more desperation and/or drama? No, thanks. While we're better equipped than most to help people in a wide variety of situations... this IS ABSOLUTELY NOT just for "motivated" people with their backs against a wall, DESPERATE for "FAST CASH ! ! !". A A A H H H H H H ! ! ! ! ! Take a deep breath. While we do have great solutions available to help people out of some troubling situations... the simple fact is, we also have great solutions available for nice normal people in nice normal everyday situations with nice normal homes... who JUST want to SELL their NICE house, WITHOUT all the usual chaos and hassle. NICE!
  • There are many ways to buy and sell homes. Paying all cash, this week, is one of them. However, THIS IS NOT WHAT WE DO! Unless, maybe… it’s $75,000 for a $200,000 house.

  • Why not?!? First of all, we don’t print our own $100 bills in the basement somewhere. Second, we plan on being in business next year!

  • If anyone is offering you “CASH, BABY! FULL PRICE! TODAY!!!”, well… be very, very careful. And consider yourself warned. There’s a good reason for all those alarm bells going off in your head! And unless your house is a $10,000 rat-trap... they're probably not really going to pay you cash up-front, anyway.
  • Besides, if you think that you need “all cash up-front” (as bankers and Realtors® would have you believe), the reality is: YOU PROBABLY DON’T. This idea is far more in THEIR best interests, than it is in yours.
  • A skilled real estate professional has several ways of helping you achieve the SAME TRUE OBJECTIVES, without throwing piles of money around like some fantasy-land, drunken politician!
  • So, let’s get real. Plug in your basic facts HERE and we'll take a look!

So! Is This for You ? ? ?

This May Be the Best Solution FOR YOU:
  • If you just want a QUICK, EASY and painless sale, so that you can take care of business with ease, and get on with your life. Because life is good, and life is short. Why make it hard? CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

This IS NOT FOR YOU (the fine print, gotta say it):
  • If you expect extraordinary results, using ordinary methods. We can do what we do, by doing things differently.
  • If you desperately need a $300,000 check, next week, for your $225,000 home that needs $20,000 in repairs. Really? Do your homework, be honest... and let's get real. We're good, but not THAT good.
  • If you are convinced that life is hard, everyone's out to get you, and you need to outsmart people in order to get what you want in life. Good luck with that, but PLEEEEASE LEAVE US OUT OF IT!!! We are very good at what we do, and whatever you are hiding, we will find out. This never ends well for anyone involved. Seriously... move along, Skippy! Successful transactions involve the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. If you cannot be straight with us, you will probably end up very disappointed. So will we; it is a complete waste of time and energy, to say the least.
  • If you're looking for "the catch", to struggle... agonize, and butt heads. Frankly, we don't have time for it. Anyway, there's no shortage of other "professionals" out there, who enjoy this sort of drama and can help you with that! This is not a game, or a battle of wits. We wish you the best, but it's just not what we do. We're far too busy buying nice homes from nice people.

Enough Already!
You're Here for a Reason.

Tell Us About Your House.