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WE BUY NICE HOMES ! 330-961-1901

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Available Homes!

Good Credit. Bad Credit. Any Credit!

We Have Home Purchase Programs for YOU.

       Only around 20% of Americans can currently qualify for a bank loan to buy a house. We work with this type of buyer (as do real estate agents and builders), but also SPECIALIZE in working with the remaining 80% of Americans!

       "SO... HOW DOES THIS WORK?!?" Every Home Purchase Program is different, and is tailor-made to the specific home and the buyer(s) involved. Ready for a traditional bank loan now? Great. Does your credit need some work first? Great. Don't know where to begin? We can fix that. Living in exile from the planet Malhdooooon-17c??? Not a problem. Your credit, finances, other abilities, and many other factors come into play. So plug in your basic facts here on this form to get started. Whatever your situation, we have proven tools, resources and programs to help you BUY your next home.

     Buying a home can be confusing. But the reality is, wherever you are on your path to home ownership... as long as you're on stable financial footing and can afford to buy one of our homes, you can do so NOW. Or as soon as one that you like is available!

     Long story short, when Banks say "NO", We Say "YES". You're APPROVED! We usually have several homes available, and they go quick. So SIGN UP NOW. Plug in a few basic facts on this page, so the right person can be in touch about a home that's right FOR YOU.  

Your Down-Payment IS your credit approval,

and puts YOU in control.


     If you are ready to STEP UP to the American dream of home ownership, your past does not equal your future. It's YOUR dream; let Liberty help you get it.

Flexible Tailor-Made Plans Are Available,

& Sometimes We Even Accept Trade-Ins Toward Home Purchases!

     Whatever your credit issues, we can work with you. We specialize in helping good people buy good homes and MOVE IN QUICKLY, even when banks say “NO”. Our Home Purchase Programs vary with each home and include lease-purchase (most often), "rent-to-own", seller financing, Land Installment Contract ("contract for deed"), creative financing, private mortgage financing, etc. and are designed to help YOU qualify for home ownership as quickly as possible. Join the millions of Americans who have helped themselves onto the path to home ownership, by taking advantage of a comprehensive Home Purchase Program like one of ours. If you're ready, there's a way.

     Our comprehensive programs make it EASY for you to help yourself to the American dream of home ownership. Our experts know how to help YOU get the job done. If you are READY, WILLING and ABLE to do the work, there is nothing stopping you from owning your home sooner than you may think.


You've finally decided to BUY your OWN home.

Your loan officer said "NO PROBLEMMM, BAY BEEEEE!!!"

You're "Pre-Approved". Yayyyyyyyy.

You've saved up your down payment.

Maybe you've even spruced up your credit.

You've found your dream home...

Got it under contract to purchase...

Only to learn the hard way, what "Pre-Approved" really means.

If so, you're not the only one!


NOTE: If you are ready to buy a home, THIS is for YOU regardless of your credit rating. Our Amazing programs are proven to help you BUY a home, and FIX your existing credit issues as needed.

If however you have bad credit AND are BROKE... even we cannot help you at this time. We DO NOT HAVE any something-for-nothing, get rich quick, FREE HOUSE Programs. Simply put (and despite a lot of mis-information out there), it costs money to buy a home. Then it costs MORE money... to OWN a home. If you are not currently paying your bills comfortably... with a little money put aside for a "rainy day"... YOU ARE NOT READY to own a home. When there's a will there's a way. Maybe you can sleep on a relative's couch or in your car while saving up for a down payment. If it's a nice car... sometimes we accept trades. However, We WILL NOT set you up for failure, by putting you into a home that you cannot afford. Doing so is unethical, likely illegal, and simply WILL NOT WORK no matter how much you beg. You're Welcome! Please check back with us, when you are ready to step up to the pride of home ownership. We are here to help you SUCCEED, not fail.

We have new homes available regularly throughout Summit, Stark, Wayne, Medina, Cuyahoga, and Portage counties, and they usually go quickly! Complete this form to let us know what you are looking for, and what you have to work with. Then we can contact you with current availability, to view homes that you like, and to get the process started.

Provide some basic information on this page, to see how you can buy a new home in Akron, Stow, Brunswick, Independence, Seven Hills, Parma, North Canton, Canton, Green, Medina, Hudson, Hartville, Massillon, Richfield, Macedonia, Solon, Northfield, Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, Munroe Falls, Fairlawn, Bath, Uniontown, Firestone Park, Hudson, Streetsboro, Aurora, Wadsworth, Copley, Fairlawn, Mogadore, Hartville, Jackson Township, Plain Twp., Perry Twp., Copley Twp., Parma, Brecksville, Brunswick, Barberson, Norton, Clinton, Canal Fulton, Navarre, Cleveland and surrounding areas -- even with less than perfect credit.

What Do You Want,

When and How?

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